July 11th, 2013

Statistics of stolen vehicles in the City of Prague

Police statistics speak clearly. In the first four months of 2013 was in Prague for a total of 18,040 cases of theft of a motor vehicle or its parts or equipment. More detailed figures are as follows:

stolen vehicles: 3,595 cases

stolen motorbikes: 142 cases

items stolen from vehicles: 10,492 cases

stolen vehicle components: 3,808 cases

None of these events would not become, in case that drivers of these vehicles used the services of

May 22nd, 2013

P+R parking ONLINE NOW!

Dear drivers, we are pleased to announce that the current availability of P+R you can now watch ONLINE. Data are updated every 5 minutes. This service can also be used in your smart phone.




Park on the internet


 To find a free parking place in Prague will no longer be  a problem  as it is today.  Company KIRO development s.r.o.  has launched  a new  online portal that contains information about all parking lots in the city. Through the website drivers  can even directly book and pay for the parking space. The project  was partially financed by the European Union.


Currently there is almost 1 million vehicles in Prague and to find a free parking space can be very difficult.  Especially  in the "blue" centre of the city to find a vacant parking space becomes often almost impossible.


 Therefore the company KIRO development s.r.o. which focuses on business with  information technologies   decided to launch an online portal providing complete information about all parking lots in the city of Prague.  On the website  drivers can find information about available parking spots, book them and possibly pay.


Present time allows us to solve almost everything via internet - from booking flights and tickets to buying books and clothes.  However a  service which would provide comprehensive overview of all Prague parking lots and the opportunity to directly buy a parking ticket has not yet existed. Thanks to the website drivers can save time, money for fuel and avoid stressful situations.


The portal could be launched thanks to a grant from EU structural funds, namely Operational programme Prague - Competitiveness which finances investment projects carried out  in the capital city.



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